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Today on September the 29th, AMC revealed that their hit television drama, The Walking Dead, has been cancelled for good. Their reasoning?

"We were graciously tipped off by shortforandi that the entirety of the show had been ruined," Scott Gimple informed us. "It all started in the tumblr fandom…

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How weird that we didn’t get a lot of info about EK’s whereabouts today and then a mystery blonde appears on set…and then EK posts on IG that she’s been on the studio all day.

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We have not ruined the walking dead fandom! Stop that shit right now. You know who has? The fucking arrogant assholes from other ships. The ones that purposely go into the other ships tag to cause drama and be rude and insulting, the ones that wish rape on a female character, the ones that harass…

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Wow today convinced me TSDF is totally biased against Beth/EK, they prefer to report a mystery blond or a new character that even consider is her…and God forbid you mention her or ask for her because then everyone is on your throat, but yes, you can ask about anyone else

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Ugh it must be the law of the internet that forums are just cesspools.

If anyone knows A Walking Dead forum where they actually moderate their members and have responsible moderators that don’t badmouth the characters, let me know.

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Anonymous: I'm honestly preparing myself for Beth's death right now because I'd rather be ecstatic and so so happy when she turns out to be alive after MSF than be terribly disappointed that she's dead. But if she does die I won't watch the show anymore, not because Beth is dead, but because if they just kill her off it means they're getting sloppy and predictable. I want Beth to be alive sooo bad but I'm also preparing myself for the pain of seeing her die.


I’m prepared for it all, her dying, her living, Bethyl happening… Car*l *gag* happening… Daryl dying… Pretty much it all! I won’t like some of them, but I’ll keep watching, at least to see what happens. I love Beth. But Daryl is my boy. That being said, I was ready to give up the show after S3… We shall see!

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Getting pretty tired of people saying the only reason we like Beth is just because she was paired off with Daryl. Why is it so hard to believe that season 4 really showed Beth as a character and many of us liked seeing who Beth Greene is? Every other character got their moment to shine, and that’s…

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Anonymous: I agree with the other Anon. I'm preparing for the worst (Beth dies) so that if that happens I won't be too angry. It's funny that I'm in the acceptance stage of this. I will be disappointed in the show for a few reasons: 1) that it's become this predictable if the fans can predict a death based on if a character gets a storyline=death or MSF=death its time to hang it up. 2) that TPTB/AMC hyped up Bethyl "feelings"(AMC bio, NR &EK interviews) for nothing more than 2 make fans feel 4 Daryl.


Well I’ll always feel for Daryl… I just plan on not being that pessimistic about it all you know? I think it’ll be okay.

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The only way the Bethyl fandom has “ruined” TWD fandom is because we came along and not from head canons. But from canon on the show. Tptb made bethyl, and the people who feel like it’s ruined are people who hate Beth and hate Bethyl… That’s it!

And don’t come at me with shit, because I will launch all the shit the others have done. So don’t even try.

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I used to have a lot of respect for that page, and they do have the best spoilers… But Jesus H. Christ do Beth fans get the shaft over there!! Two people wonder, understandably in my opinion, if a “mystery blonde” could be Beth and 40 people start talking about how stupid, dead, pointless etc she…

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